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About Us

ERA is an international trade organization comprised of professional manufacturers’ representative firms and manufacturers who go to market through rep firms and distributors. ERA Metro New York was the founding chapter of the Electronics Representatives Association in 1935. For more than 75 years, ERA Metro New York has served its members and the electronics industry in the metro New York and northern New Jersey region with educational programs, local trade events and other activities that benefit the professional field sales function and the business partnerships of rep firms, their manufacturer principals, distributors and their mutual customers.

"ERA has enabled me to network work locally as well as nationally with other reps.  Several lines were referred to me thought the network. In return, I’ve also referred several line to my colleagues.  The local dinner meetings have extended this networking to include major customers and distributors." –  John Beaver / GSA Optimum

ERA works to promote, protect and enhance the multiple-line rep sales function and its members' unique system of synergistic selling through educational activities and advocacy programs. ERA acts as the worldwide conduit across the electronics industry for manufacturers seeking professional field sales firms to sell their products. ERA also serves as a resource for electronics and high-technology industries
"As the owner of a small rep firm, I find the information sharing that comes with ERA membership to be vital to my firm.  While that social aspects of membership may not be as critical, they are much appreciated - Giving something back to an industry which has supported my family for several decades now seems like appropriate trade and social duty." –  Roy McCollum / Sylvester Sales Associates Inc.
As the voice of the manufacturers' rep profession in the electronics industry, ERA promotes the rep function to manufacturers, customers, government and the academic community. Members of ERA sell $50 billion worth of electronics products annually via eight product marketing groups: Communications; Components; Consumer Electronics; Electronic Systems Integration; Instrumentation & Sensors; Materials, Assembly, Production & Supply; RF/Microwave & Wireless; and Semiconductors.
“Local membership gives you the opportunity to network with your associates regarding local business opportunities and basic information on what is going on in the area.  We also trade information on how we run our offices, including software, hardware and employee concerns.  I feel that local membership is more important for the day to day business.  I am still a firm believer of getting together a few times a year.  Programs do not have to be technical.” -- Rich Boziwick / R. P. Luce & Company Inc.

Collectively, ERA's educational and communications programs keep members abreast of technology advances in the electronics marketplace as well as the latest in marketing and sales management techniques, all of which directly benefit their own companies, their customers and their industry.

Additional Testimonials:
 “I got one of my largest lines from a referral locally within the ERA membership.” Steve Alford / Superior Technical Solutions Corp.

One - to attend events sponsored by the local chapter at member cost. Two - to take advantage of the forum the local chapter has established to network with your customers/colleagues to remain updated on trends and issues that affect our industry locally.”  - Art Rea / CFE-DC Technology Group LLC

Our scheduled events in which we invite specific customers to speak have proved to be a tremendous success. The customers seem to enjoy the opportunity to educate us about their company, and how they would like us to “do business” with them. They have been well attended not only by the rep community, but by the distribution community as well!” -- Paul Pacent / Pacent Engineering Corp.