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We are the local chapter of the Electronic Representatives Association (ERA) for the metro New York region.  The ERA is a non-profit organization setup to promote and support its members and the electronics industry that it serves with educational programs, local trade events and other activities.  The many benefits to membership in the ERA include a broad range of discounted services, education, networking opportunities and access to top industry specialists.  Our local chapter extends these benefits with regularly scheduled local industry events, additional networking gatherings and mentoring opportunities.  Through these benefits, we strive to maintain the integrity, professionalism and stability of the many manufacturers' representatives that service the industry.  This in turn helps foster the quality of services that we collectively provide to the principals that are represented, the distributors with whom we partner and the customers that we support.

Upcoming Events

February 25-27, 2018
AT&T Conference Center, Austin, TX
April 5th, 2018 - Noon to 8 PM
Hauppauge Radisson
June 25th, 2018
St. George's Golf & Country Club

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